Knowledge Management Processes

This section will deal with the actual knowledge management processes. So far, I have presented an introduction to knowledge management as well as several frameworks. Now it is time to talk about the different processes and initiatives.

This section, as well as the subsequent one on knowledge management strategy, will be structured according to the layout of the integrated knowledge management model presented earlier.

Under the initiative referred to as "act", the integrated model outlines a series of knowledge management processes. They will be used as headings for the subsections presented here, and can be accessed through the menu on the left. These are:

  • Knowledge Discovery & Detection
  • Knowledge Organization & Assessment
  • Knowledge Sharing
  • Knowledge Reuse
  • Knowledge Creation
  • Knowledge Acquisition

These form the backbone of knowledge management processes as they outline all aspects involved in the actual management of knowledge.

At the end of the section on knowledge management strategy, a subsection titled knowledge management best practices will summarize all the aspects discussed thus far.

Written by Emil Hajric Emil Hajric

Published August 4th, 2023

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